Is Saatva Really a Good Mattress?

When it comes to luxury and class, Saatva mattress is the way to go. This modern premium mattress offers the best comfort while sleeping. Made by the newest technology in the market, the mattress has two coils that respond accordingly to the contour of the body. To prevent sagging, Saatva mattress has tempered still coils built within them. In addition to the coils, the edges o the mattress is encased by a tough foam that provides a large surface area for sleeping.

For more comfort, the mattress is accompanied by a plush euro pillow top. Ti pillow top is thick and fluffy thus offering more cushioning and comfort.

What are the comfort levels?

Considered America's best, this luxurious mattress comes in three levels of comfort: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm.

Plush soft comfort saatva mattress is the softest of all. The individually wrapped coils have layers of softer conforming foams than the standard and firm mattress, Thus creating a mattress that hugs you in a supporting manner while sleeping. This matress is excellent for people who like sleeping on the sides and their backs.

The luxury firm saatva mattress, on the other hand, is a standard comfort level mattress.

This mattress offers the best contour support due to its cushion firm nature. thus assuring proper spinal alignment. In short, it is a perfect balance of comfort with balance. For people who are prone to switching sleeping positions at night, the luxury firm saatva mattress is the way to go. For people who love mattresses that they float on rather than sinking, Firm saatva mattress is the way to go. This mattress is firm but not hard. The individually wrapped coils are layered with firmer foams than the luxury firm mattress.

Does the mattress heat up?

Saatva mattress allows greater ventilation thus no heating occurs. Its design has an excellent mechanism for dissipating heat. Moreover, the saatva mattress has an organic cotton cover that keeps the mattress dry and cool.

What is the smell of the mattress when new?

Saatva mattress has no smell when new. This is because the memory form used to built the matress originates from bio soy foam. This foam releases all gases during the manufacturing process.

What are the sizes of the mattress?

There are six sizes available. These are;Twin i.e. 35" x 75"Twin - XL 38"x80"Full - 54"x75"Queen - 60"x80"King - 76"x80"Cal king -72"x84"

Two different mattress thickness is available. These are 11.5" and 14.5". both of them costing the same price.

The choice of thickness depends entirely on personal and aesthetic reasons.Is Saatva really a good mattress? The answer is definitely yes!